79A - Territories - Telefon Tel Aviv  

Client: 79 Ancestors

“Something Akin to Lust”, directed by visionary NYC-based artist Timothy Saccenti and featuring the ethereal character illustrations of Steve Teeple (Flying Lotus, Teaching Machine), lets viewers take control of a cerebral, dystopic ego death trip set to the kaleidoscopic slow-burn of Josh Eustis’ latest sculptural mark in the Telefon Tel Aviv canon. 

“Territories”—billed as a “soundtrack to imaginary worlds”— is available on May 26th digitally and physically, in the form of a vinyl LP bundled with a custom VR headset and free 79A companion app (iOS/Android). The eight-song audiovisual compilation features a series of experimental VR worlds accompanying select Territories tracks, with unique 360°spatial audio mixes and collaborations between 79Ancestors visual artists.  

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