Flying Lotus - Hypercube 2015

Client: Strangeloop Studios | Brainfeeder

Layer³ is the latest iteration of the acclaimed live experience for Flying Lotus' 2015-2016 performances, using a combination of materials and surfaces to create the complex projection-mapped, 3-Dimensional video-driven apparatus that surrounds the artist in a spectacular array of shape, light, and movement. The Hypercube has been seen in most of the United States and throughout Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, and Mexico.

Responsible for animating and designing content for the updated "Hypercube" that premiered at Coachella 2015 (which went on to win best light show of the festival via Rolling Stone).

"Flying Lotus appeared only as a pair of glowing sunglasses on Friday, delivering his You're Dead Tour performance from inside a shadowy "Hypercube," a booth where the visionary producer had dazzling splashes of animated color, shapes and characters projected across the surface. The effect inside the Mojave tent was like a post-modern kaleidoscope to accompany his fusion of stuttering beats, electronics, jazz, noise and more, with a bit of Drake's "Know Yourself" tossed in for artful deconstruction. The visuals enhanced rather than distracted from the sonic exploration (unlike the unfortunate cube OutKast brought last year to Indio), and left both eyes and ears craving more." - Rolling Stone

At the 2016 NAB Conference I presented my breakdown of the Flying Lotus content in addition to my general workflow for concert visuals.