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Steve Teeple (better known as Teeps) is a multidisciplinary artist and problem solver who dreams of vast 3D worlds, and is fueled by love for all things comics, games, movies, and pop culture. Specializing in 3D Concept Art, Digital Sculpting, Character/Creature Design, Concert Visuals, and Virtual Reality Experiences for the entertainment industry.

Previous clients include: Disney/Marvel, Google, Microsoft, Maxon, Symbio Robotics, Europacorp, Samsung, Flying Lotus, The Weeknd, Odesza, TheWaveVR, Future, Tool of NA, and many more.  

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Steve is a freelance Concept Designer / Digital Sculptor / VR Artist currently residing in the city of Los Angeles. He regularly test early VR hardware and software to push the boundaries of digital art by utilizing virtual reality tools in a professional workflow. Steve frequently works with companies like The WaveVR helping build the future of immersive concerts, has VR artist residencies with Google and Oculus, and does training and technical demos at conferences such as Siggraph, Adobe Max, CTN, Oculus Connect and more.

Previously Steve got his start developing concert visuals and animations for the music industry, working on large scale stage productions, album artwork, and music videos primarily. He also helped build the popular e-commerce clothing company Betabrand as an early employee and senior web producer where he assisted in creative direction, design, and daily release of new products frequently covered by publications including The New York Times, CNN, Wired, GQ, and The Washington Post. Along with collaborations with Valve, Timberland, Margaret Cho, Jambox, Norton, DodoCase, and Project Runway.