Collaboration with Cabbibo featuring models I digitally sculpted. 

"Rainbow Membrane is a virtual reality sensory experience that uses the Leap Motion motion controller and the LeapJS JavaScript API to generate a shifting rainbow world that responds to touch. Stepping inside an iridescent cube, users can warp the fabric of reality and sound by moving their hands in space. The effect is surreal, beautiful, and oddly addictive." - MozVR

This project is made possible by pairing an Oculus Rift (for immersive visuals) with a Leap Motion (for hand gesture detection).

Try out the experience - http://mozvr.com/projects/rainbowmembrane/


I swiped my way through a star map the size of the night sky, explored a virtual space station, and traveled through time on a sci-fi rescue mission, controlling each experience with just my bare hands.

One game stood out, though: a synesthetic world that I believed I could touch and feel, although I was only grasping thin air.
— The Creators Project
...the user is able to push, pull and mold the virtual environment to produce any number of psychedelic visual flourishes as the software’s audio feature produces musical tones corresponding to your “touch.
— Mashable