Cineversity Training Series: Mixamo to Cinema 4D Character Workflow

In this series I go over the basics of bringing characters to life with the power of motion capture. Utilizing the auto rigging tools of along with learning the basics of motion clips inside Cinema 4D, I show you how to seamlessly blend between character animations with with little to no previous rigging knowledge. 

Check out the full series here.

Siggraph 2017 Demo - VR and Character Animation Workflow in C4D

In my presentation I go over my personal workflow for incorporating Virtual Reality creative tools into my work with Cinema 4D. I also give a bit of an overview of my process for character animation in C4D using motion capture data and the motion system. 

NAB 2016 Demo - Creating Next Gen Concert Visuals with C4D

In this presentation I breakdown my work for Flying Lotus' Hypercube live show,  as well as go over some Cinema 4D basics for creating mesmerizing 3D animations for large scale concerts. 

Presentations | Interviews

  • CTN 2018 (w/ Maxon)

  • Adobe MAX 2018 (w/ Maxon)

  • Siggraph 2017 - C4D Integrating VR Tools and Character Animation

  • Cinema 4D Roadshow 2016 - (Adobe)

  • Google VR - Tilt Brush Presentation

  • Google SF - 3D Design Meetup Featured Presenter

  • Luminary - Art : Tech Festival - Tilt Brush VR Demo

  • NAB 2016 - Next Gen Concert Visuals with C4D

  • Gray Area/RGA - Creative Code Meetup XII

If you are interested in having me present/demo at your event contact: