VALERIAN - VR Experience

Client: Europacorp | Wearesocial x Google Zoo | BNP Paribas

From Paper to Virtual Reality : the encounter between Steve Teeple, Tilt Brush artist, and Marc Simonetti, concept artist on Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

I was tasked with creating a massive scale VR painting in Tilt Brush that was designed in collaboration with We Are Social Agency. The painting was turned into a 360 Experience, and behind the scenes feature where I discuss the project with one of the lead concept artists on the film. 

The painting posed a number of challenges having to work both at small scale navigation, but be large enough to scale up to stand life sized in some of the ships. The client also wanted to see a variation of characters, and smaller scenes that could be isolated inside this massive painting. It starts in the Intruder ship, follows the course through an asteroid field and cruiser ships, then follows to a corridor at the end where there is a number of aliens before the scene ends with Valerian jumping through the wall into the vast central city.

Interactive version to view in VR or the Web found here. 

From Paper to Virtual Reality

360 experience created by We Are Social: