Concept Artist / Pre-vis / 3D



Was able to contribute a number of designs to Black Adam back in 2019. Worked with a small team under production designer Tom Meyer to help refine early iterations and ideas around major characters and vehicles.

My personal contributions included early designs for the Intergang Flybike, Hawkman’s Wing development, as well as Atom Smasher’s costume.


One of the earlier designs I helped with was to refine the Flybike’s for the Intergang villains. I was given a very rough base mesh from an earlier artist to fill in all the details and get the design in a good place to move into production. This only had two versions done before approval, and it was very exciting to see so much of this retained on screen many years and artists later.

Other Credits

- Base Mesh: Darko Markovic + Dave Levy and team w/ cleanup by Mike Balian

- Further design pass was done by Paul Ozzimo

- Pilot design by Luis Carrasco / Adam Middleton / Kurt and Bart

- Rail gun by Justin Fields

- WETA was responsible for on-screen VFX model


For the very first takes on the character my role was more on the research side helping create assets around body tattoos and geometric symbols and repeating patterns that could be used in the costume or as body markings.

Eventually after back and forth with the director and production designer there was a request to pitch a more traditional take on his costume where he really felt more like a brawler with wraps on his arms and nods to his comic roots. I was only able to make one full costume pitch, but the production designer ended up liking it, and passing on to the next set of artists to iterate on. The final costume design for screen was done by Kurt and Bart.