Steve Teeple (better known as Teeps) is a digital artist currently residing in the the city of Oakland, CA where he dreams of vast 3D worlds and mind bending creatures. His work explores the continuously developing relationship between sight and sound, stepping away from the usual formats to explore 3D spaces and study visual perception.

Steve was one of the first Tilt Brush Artists in Residence at Google, and early beta tester for Oculus Medium. He regularly tests early VR hardware and software to push the boundaries of digital art by utilizing virtual reality tools in a professional workflow. 

Steve is part of the future-arts collective and production company Teaching Machine where he conceptualizes and animates designs for prominent artists such as Flying Lotus, Future, and the Weeknd. 

Recently Steve left  Betabrand, where he was a Senior Web Producer assisting in the creative direction, design, manufacture, and daily release of new products frequently covered by publications including The New York Times, CNN, Wired, GQ, and The Washington Post. 

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Steve Teeple contributes three-dimensional art to many audio/visual communities around the world. His ideas about changing the way we perceive animation and sound were first expressed in music videos for various record labels. Working with labels that shared his aesthetic led Steve to commit to producing a new piece of 3D artwork every day for a year. These daily renders often became elements in the artwork, videos, and promotional material that occupied Steve’s professional life.

Twenty-twelve brought recognition and praise from IDN magazine, naming Garbure their video of the year, and a subsequent screening at the Volt festival in Stockholm along side works by Bjork, Amon Tobin, and Flying Lotus. The reception for Steve’s work led his path to cross with David Wexler, better known as Strangeloop of Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label, founder of the Teaching Machine collective. As the newest member of Teaching Machine, Steve sculpted 3D models for the avant-garde, sci-fi animated film, Anamnesia, and created visuals for Flying Lotus, Future, The Weeknd, and more.

Steve’s more recent work includes building 3D content for Flying Lotus' Hypercube stage show, alongside Strangeloop and Scott Pagano which won best light show of 2015 at Coachella. When Steve takes a break from creating, he often performs live visuals for the best and brightest music in the Bay including the likes of Pearson Sound, Shackleton, Matthewdear, Pangea, Teebs, Prefuse 73, Evian Christ, Mono/Poly, XXYYXX, Mr. Carmack, among countless others.